It really is about the Water, we promise!
TIP: Just think of beer going down the drain every time you let the water run or leave the hose on. We think you'll find the motivation, like we did.
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If we run out of fresh, clean water, there will be no beer with your pizza or for the big game.

By connecting water scarcity to beer, we can tap into a fun way to share ideas and tips on how to affect change, one person at a time.

We have plenty of water if we implement sustainable practices and promote innovation. If we don't make changes, though, beer may be on the list of things to go.

What we need is a push from you - the private citizen - to help affect change through products you purchase, personal practices and through your voice!

Save the Beer is a vehicle to educate people on what is actually out there as far as solutions to some of the world's dirtiest and more health impacting problems-

Bad water contaminated water, and water scarcity in soil around the globe due to corrupted soil structure, mycology and health from our own Human impact and bad decisions over hundreds of years, but especially the last century.