Small Groups, Large Impact 
Why our process works and why we value an intimate approach
We are not trying to compete with Silicon Slopes and other huge networking and pitch events, for many reasons. There is no one name that you can mention who solely focuses on Clean and Sustainable Tech, we have been part of the charge for over a decade.

Why is it so important to us to keep an intimate approach?
We want to foster collaboration. At each Pitch Event we have brought together synergistic technologies AND investors, as we strive to not only FIND sustainability, but LIVE it in every aspect- from business - to personal applications in our own lives. Your business, your idea, your investment, or even your volunteering to help the cause will not go unappreciated, and most importantly, we will do our best to maximize the value to all.

We scale the wall, and then we reach back and bring others along. We aren't running a race, we are building a future and we need and value everyone's own unique contribution.

Why we are different- Not only do we have our own vast network of professionals in every field, but we also have key players with their own powerhouse networks. We put value on EVERYONE in our network. We bring the Get Things Done type of people together- We are all about action.

Through out key partnerships with Copperfield Publishing (City Weekly, Devour, All of the "Best of" events) and people like Thor Randy and Joel McKay Smith we are leading the Clean and Sustainable Tech niche because we ALREADY have answers to everyone's questions. 

Instead of just asking the questions, we found, help build and even acquired a few key new technologies that can literally solve the biggest problems in our world today.

Why do we need Clean Tech Studios?
As a people we have been stuck in a seemingly hopeless feedback loop with the worlds most daunting environmental issues, and when people here about some of these new technologies its human nature to doubt, especially when everything to date seems pointless- We are told to recycle but then told that its not near as efficient or beneficial unless everyone were doing it and we had better technologies to process waste.

 We need to find other technologies that help grow and foster what we have already found as well as a vehicle for education of such solutions. If not, everyone will just see our clean and sustainable future as a hopeless pipe dream.

 Which is why we need partners like Copperfield and City Weekly - they have the reach and have developed the society and culture through their publications, and notably, their events. Now we are partnering to use their resources and events to help bring the true doers and those passionate about ENACTING change to their local communities and then, of course, the world. Clean Tech Studio ISN'T just about the Pitch Events. We are about making ourselves the authority through a full circle, every avenue, every peoples and communities approach. We want to make sure the WHOLE is in Wholistic Clean Sustainable living for a healthy and bright future for EVERYONE.
We need you!