Why YOU should be involved
For the rest of 2021 and all of 2022 we are focused on connecting all the players. Our events are aimed at this main focus but accomplished through meaningful and fun ways, project challenges, social change- even bringing diversity and inclusion through these events by highlighting various local artists, musicians and talent that highlight growing populations and bringing to light, and addressing and fixing issues in a sustainable wholistic way, 
You can be a sponsor through:
  • Monetary Donations
  • Donating Professional Services
  • Sharing and connecting with your own networks of people and professionals
  • Donating your event spaces
  • Connecting and sharing all social media
  • Physical Signage at your locations
  • Co-Hosting events with your own groups and participants.
Who's involved:

City Weekly and Copperfield Publishing
They are more than just a media outlet, they are a powerhouse network. We will be doing a whole new set of events as well as a platform publication and key media pieces on the world of Utah Clean Tech and build our nationwide platform at the same time.

We will also be working with them on exclusive VIP events for our various key projects.

Our Design Challenge events  will also be another campaign - we give the parameters of what our technologies currently address- and challenging others to find a real world application that they think we CAN'T fix and if we can't prove our technologies in those applications then the designer wins various prizes. Part of our aim is to raise awareness about all the problems we can currently solve and get people working on implementing them..

They are on a mission to create more owners. With over 20,000 companies, more than one million investors, law firms, and employees on our platform, and a commitment to transparency and equality in equity—they’re breaking the mold of how capital markets operate.

NOW CFO has built a reputation as talented management consultants and financial analysts with an entrepreneurial spirit and focus.
Together, we bring these qualities to our clients and partners to help create continued success and growth.

World Trade Center Utah
The mission of WTC Utah is to guide Utah companies into profitable global markets. WTC Utah builds Utah’s international community by offering signature services:

  • Assessment of a company’s current global position or international strategy, 
  • Education in the form of seminars and workshops to help develop global strategy, 
  • Connections through the World Trade Center network and co-hosted local events to help in executing global strategy.