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VIP Mingle
Park City was a hit- we were at Kiln in Park City on October 7th and then we went right onto Pitching Natura Solve on the Kiln Stage (Located within smiling distance of the VIP section and the convention booth's main door. It was a great location to talk about how much Natura Solve can do for the soil and water and how much WE as humans need to step in and start acting... Now!

A special mention to Dr Davies who spoke on doing the rational thing, which most people think is radical- but if you fell and broke your arm- it would be radical just to talk about it- We need to be rational and just get to the doctor to cast the arm- Same idea with climate change- pushing to get things fixed NOW is not radical, it is, in fact, the only RATIONAL thing to do. Check him  out-

 Now we have our November 4th VIP Mingle - Or more accurately, a Consortium. 
Who is invited? We have our own network of people who are passionate about change and have just needed us- the vehicle - to do so, plus we have partners who have already started actualized their own vehicles for change, and we will be bringing as many of these people together to foster the relationships and make the actual changes to better the world around us.

If this applies to you or someone you know, then please come as our guest! 
We can put any skills to use, any expertise in almost any field or industry- we just can't fabricate passion and drive, which is why we are focusing on those with the passion to help evolve our lives and the earth into a rational healthy state of being. We look forward to working with you!
Our Sponsors and Partners
Natura Solve is a sustainable solutions provider, focused on water and soil. Their offices, in partnership with New Dominion Consulting are housed in Lehi, Utah with production in North Salt Lake. 
Natura Solve is heling to bring additional, clean and sustainable solutions to the market, through direct sales and the clean tech industry. Their partnerships, additions and leadership in the market, have helped to build the sustainability sector, since 2014. 
We appreciate Natura Solve, and the support their team and network provides for our organization. 
Our sponsors help make these events possible. Please take time to get to know more about each of their offerings, and about their dedication to the clean tech and sustainability spaces.
Save the Beer
A water conservation awareness campaign. Save the beer brings information and a fun approach to sustainability messaging for sponsors and advertisers. 
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2701 N Thanksgiving Way #100, Lehi, UT 84043

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